27 2020-03

VX Entertainment's body-felt interaction for an entertaining immersion experience

Smart glasses, immersive devices, motion sensing game in recent days is more and more on people's search terms, people who stay at home will always look for some interesting things, you will find that
27 2020-03

VX Entertainment Recommend News in Spring: AR Reading Can Make Learning Less Boring

Days at home in are very boring, we not only learned cold noodle, fried dough twist, but also closely follow the trend of hot spots.
18 2020-03

VX Entertainment Immersive Projection Sand Table, the world right in front of you

Sustainable development has been continuous, in the protection of the old tradition is not destroyed under the premise, in the form of high-tech to enhance the aesthetic essence of culture, the transmission of cultural spirit, carry forward cultural values has become the focus of the use of science and technology in the literary travel industry in the past two years, and the protection of the integrity of the building andthe exploration of new forms of display has become a headache for many enterprises.
18 2020-03

Projection Sand Table is widely used, and 5G interactive projection catches your eyes

The emergence of 5G makes it easier to leverage visual communication for performance in product presentation and brand communication.
17 2020-03

5G remote holographic live interaction will break the traditional mode of interaction

The development of science and technology is changing with each passing day, from daily life to security protection, and intelligence provides great convenience for life.
17 2020-03

VX Entertainment tells you that every technology has its secrets, and AR facilitates life

It was previously suggested that 2020would be ayear of transformation for commercial ARandVRtechnologies. The transformation is unknown, but recently, AR has been playing an important role in people's vision. Whether it's public safety, education, or game entertainment and interactive marketing, you can always seeAR,especially safety and education, it provides great convenience security protection in crowded locations.
02 2020-03

Official Announcement || VX has joined the 4th Directory Membership Unit of the Beijing Performance Industry Association

Beijing VX Entertainment Co., Ltd. is one of the 4th Directory Membership Unit of Beijing Performance Industry Association, ranked 64th, on the list
20 2020-02

Epidemic Situation || Together, we are acting

- Together, we are acting - It is the second week that the enterprises are gradually returning to work, and the weather in February is getting better and the mood is improving.
14 2020-02

Walk with Love || There Are No Roses This Valentine's Day

This is a special valentine's day. In this context, no matter what kind of love, this year's "2.14" is bound to be different.



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