VX Entertainment Builds A New Interactive Experience Showroom for Jinan Vanke

2019-01-09 12:26

On 8th Dec, 2018, "Vanke·Ruyuan", the first pure courtyard villa community of Jinan Vanke, was officially opened to the public in Jinan. Jinan Vanke's main leaders, VX Entertainment creative team, local media and guests from all walks of life presented at the opening ceremony.


At the opening ceremony, the new immersive interactive experience exhibition hall specially created by VX Entertainment for "Vanke·Ruyuan" was opened to the public for the first time. The theme of this project is "three mountains, five gardens and one villa world". In terms of design style, combined with the design style of "Vanke·Ruyuan", it takes mapping projection, holographic image, motion sense interaction and other new technologies as the carrier, takes immersive experience of visitors as the center, highly integrates the virtual and the real, and gradually makes visitors feel the design concept "Where is mountains, where is home!" , the first to create a innovative integration of "art + technology" and real estate industry new display. The first pure villa community in Vanke Group Jinan area was fully displayed, revealing the living concept of  Jinan Vanke.


VX Entertainment carefully creates the visual experience for sales center by highlighting the details of quality. Through the display form combining virtual and reality, which creates a warm, elegant and immersive space for clients. The whole space is designed with exquisite atmosphere, making full use of the characteristics of the high floor height of the sales center, and relying on the diversified creative design of "visiting mountains, perching in water, viewing pools, appreciating flowers, approach to stream, viewing bamboo", to create "a journey away from the hustle and bustle, enjoying the natural scenery of Lost Worlds" for clients.



A dozen leaders including Huang Yunlin, general manager of Jinan Vanke, came to visit the site and highly praised and recognized the creative form of VX Entertainment and the new interactive experience exhibition hall, saying that the interactive experience project has market and value. Media from all walks of life also attended to observe and report, the field audience reached to hundreds of groups.



It is reported that VX Entertainment has created three exhibition spaces for this exhibition hall project, namely exclusive IP welcome, interactive experience area and real estate exhibition area. The designed building area is 150 square meters, which brings more intuitive visual experience for buyers who want to buy house in Jinan. In the future, VX Entertainment will provide more creative content in the spirit of craftsmanship and continuously launch more high-quality interactive experience projects to meet the market demand and achieve higher standards.


The interactive experience was warmly welcomed by the visitors and the children.
Customers and communicators from all over the country are in an endless stream, have expressed it is interesting, funny and entertaining.




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