5G-plus Holographic, VX Entertainment Creates Premium Showcase

2020-02-12 10:38

The emergence of high-tech with a "hot" tide, some enterprises start product packaging, the use of high-end means to attract customers' attention.

Creative content development, compared with tradition has a better product promotion effect, not only cater to the audience, but also amplify the crowd's hunting point - more and more customer groups in different industries produce a strong curiosity on 5G, holographic technology, mixed reality, virtual reality technology, etc., product owners on this basis to carry out product publicity, science and technology with guidance, creating a unique selling point of the product.

VX Entertainment is a Sino-foreign joint venture creative content production company, involving the industry not only in the entertainment sector, but also in real estate, automotive and other fields.

VX teams typically combine product and customer demand to design the content they need, using holographic projection, 5G real time image transmission, virtual reality, mapping projection and other technologies to create a "virtual and real-world integration" for enterprises and customers, to create an immersive interactive experience environment.


There are many 5G-related events in 2019, whether it's the most-watched communications area or other education, healthcare, and automotive industries, and there's a lot of expectation for 5G "smart life". VX Entertainment is an excellent team of content makers using technology to bring high-quality content and high-tech to 5G-related activities. In the past year, we have worked with Unicom to produce the "Belt and Road" 4K video, in the BIBF cooperation to create a "smart new reading", the media in the "smart education", "smart classroom" and other publicity to do our best.


We know that 5G has a big impact on technology, whether it's "full projection live" or "holographic stage interaction", 5G "high speed", "low latency" features for live audiences to have a better experience, so that many enterprises will fully show Cutting-edge technology that only appears in "Hollywood" movies to customers. 

VX Entertainment's corporate goal is to get the VX team in creative content through careful planning, tailoring the design content to the customer's needs, meeting the customer's needs, and achieving the project's five-star effect; 5G makes "virtual and reality combination" more close, the three rely on each other, complement each other, constantly meet and enhance people's needs for sensory interaction experience, will be immersive experience to get the greatest extension; VX highlights cross-industry creative as enterprise value, at the same time we hope to use "aesthetic" art to touch the inner emotion, look forward to cooperate with many industries, multi-field in-depth cooperation, and jointly build a multi-dimensional world of innovative art.

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