VX Entertainment tells you a few technologies that must be known in the 5G era! Holographic is among them!

2020-02-12 10:50

Holographic projection

Holographic projection technology, also known as virtual imaging technology.

Records and reproduces the real three-dimensional image of an object,

presents stereoscopic motion images of real people, virtual characters, or 3D models on stage,

Viewers don't need to wear any devices to see the 1:1 restored stereoscopic image.


Real people can interact with holographic actors and perform together.


On the stage to present through time and space, but also the illusion is really 360 degrees without dead angle along with the shocked audio-visual effect.




In culture, education can use holographic projection technology to understand the car's internal and external structure and all the details;

At seminars on various scientific research, medical, industrial, and information technology,

the holographic projection allows the complex research results to be analyzed from a multi-view angle of 360 degrees.


Projection mapping


Projection mapping technology is stereo projection technology, also known as stereo mapping.

Stereoscopic dynamic images can be projected on irregular surfaces.


The surface of an irregular static object is exactly projected by a dynamic stereoscopic image.

This allows static objects to re-emerge, creating dynamic, fantastic visual effects.


This technology is not limited by the shape and size of objects, and the interaction between light and shadow is eye-opening.

Perfect for a surreal audio-visual experience that combines creativity, art and technology.




Virtual reality technology (VR) is a virtual world that uses computer simulation to generate three-dimensional space.

Provides user simulations of the senses of vision, hearing, touch, etc.



Simply wear VR glasses to see the fully virtual world of 3D dynamic simulation.

Combine physical behavior with a simulated environment that immerses users in the environment and enjoys the virtual world.



VX's VR technology maximizes the protection of vertigo and fatigue during the experience.

To enable users to enjoy the best results, to provide users with multi-sensory high-quality audio-visual feast.





Mixed reality technology (MR) is the further development of virtual reality technology and augmented reality technology.

The technology introduces real-world scenario information into the virtual environment.

Interact ingress with virtual worlds, the real world, and users to enhance the user experience.

The presentation of hybrid reality technology requires an environment that interacts with everything in the real world.



The key point of MR is to interact with the real world and get timely access to information.



Users must wear glasses devices such as Microsoft Hololens,

The extraordinary effect of perceiving the virtual world's interaction with the real world.

VX Entertainment is one of the few Global Microsoft-licensed HoloLens content developers.




Augmented Reality Technology (AR)

Is a real-time calculation of the position and angle of the camera image and add the corresponding image technology,

The goal of this technology is to put virtual worlds on the screen and interact in the real world.



Visualizing virtual objects that don't exist in a real-world environment, and using sensing technology to accurately "place" them in real-world environments,

With the display device to integrate virtual and real-world environment, presenting the user with a new environment with a real sensory effect.



Therefore, the augmented reality system has the new features of virtual reality combination, real-time interaction, three-dimensional registration.

It is widely used in the architectural data model: visualization, military virtual training, entertainment and art.


Motion Capture


Motion Capture, a tracker set up by a moving object in a critical area,

After computer processing, the data of three-dimensional spatial coordinates is obtained, and the animated characters interact with moving objects in real time.


In some films, real people are on the green screen, wearing clothes with trackers,

The technology of converting captured action into virtual animated characters by a professional using a computer.



Use motion to capture the audience can interact with the avatar in real time through gestures or various actions.


5G Real-time image transmission holographic imaging


Real-time image transmission holographic imaging is that people in green rom project their images onto the stage in real time to interact with real people on the stage


Green room recording 


The audience can see the real-time transmission of high-definition virtual image to interact with real people, bring the audience a real viewing experience.



For example, performer cannot promptly rush to the scene, but can also through the real time image transmission technology participate in the performance; The application in film and television production can save the time of post-editing, production and other tedious process


About VX Entertainment

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