VX Entertainment's 5G plus Holographic Live is coming!

2020-02-12 01:00

What's the hottest topic of 2019? It must be 5G.


What's the most talked topic in 2019? It's 5G, it's holographic live, mixed reality, smart life.


It's also going to be hot in 2020. The holographic projection of the cross-Chinese New Year's Eve on January 1st of the well-known domestic catapult platform B station made the "crowd" feel the power of technology.


Holographic projection is a hot word that has appeared frequently in performances and searches in recent years, and we must be no strangers to it.


Simply put, holographic projection, also known as virtual imaging, can be used to record and reproduce real 3D images of objects. Holographic projection technology can not only produce three-dimensional aerial illusions, but also make the illusion interact with the performers, together to complete the performance, resulting in a stunning performance effect. The scope of application has product exhibition, car and clothing release, stage show, interaction, bar entertainment, interactive venue projection and so on.


Because of the desire for the future, people are constantly trying to make sci-fi technology a reality, just like the holographic projection that enters our daily lives, the arrival of 5G makes "holographic live" a reality.



Holographic Live is a New Live Interaction Consisting ofa Holographic Stage and a Live Green Room.


Images of people in the green room are projected onto the holographic stage in real time to interact with real people on the stage. The audience on-site can see the virtual image transmitted in real time, the image is high-definition, can interact with the real personto produce visual sense, to bring the audience a real simulation experience.



Live holographic stage production and live broadcast technology’s requirements for the network speed are very high, the emergence of 5G not only to meet daily needs, more technical development provides support, holographic real-time image transmission technology does not need to consider network speed delay, can with high-speed upload and 4K high-definition display will be live broadcast HD, efficient rendering,therefore, for example, the performance guests can not arrive at the scene in time, in 5G Network support through real-time image transmission technology to project the guest's image to the scene to participate in the performance, if applied to film and television production, can also reduce the post-editing, production and other tedious process time.


VX Entertainment, a technology creative content planning company, continues to focus on content planning for holographic projects, and in its in-depth collaboration with Unicom, one of the country's three major communications providers, has made new attempts in different areas using the transmission characteristics of 5G networks.



Real-time image transmission holographic imaging technology appears in cooperation with China Book Import and Export Group.


Cross-industry technology projects that combine multi-element culture, features, stories and technology across different industries to create creative content, using 5G "high-speed", "low-latency" network and holographic projection technology, to form the most dazzling and most scientific display means, artists, writers, directors, astronauts and other "remote" "invited" to the scene, and with the host real-time interaction, "virtual" and "reality" of the same stage as a live display. The audience brings a futuristic interactive experience that leaves deep impression on the audience. Leaders from all walks of life made a very high praise after the visit.



VX Entertainment with "holographic live" comes to everyone's face, will be a combination of a variety of technology to the masses of the way to show, this is undoubtedly a technological progress. I believe that in the future with the development of science and technology, 5G environment, "smart interaction" form will be more abundant, "smart life" will also have a newer experience.



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