Walk with Love || There Are No Roses This Valentine's Day

2020-02-14 09:35

Today is February 14, 2020.

Beijing has been snowing for a whole day since early in the morning. It has been blanketed with the sound of car horns and also the flurry of recent days. But the heavy snow in early spring has slowed everything down.


This is a special valentine's day.

In this context, no matter what kind of love, this year's "2.14" is bound to be different.


Some together through difficult time; Some of them talk to each other across the screen and start a tormented online love. Some at home every day looking forward to he/she can overcome the virus, with safe return.

There is also a kind of ordinary people in the corner silently doing something for the public good, we call this "moved" as "big love".


This is a letter of thanks from the Hong Kong police:




To protect our health, we are taking action





 At 10 am on February 11, VX Entertainment group Hong Kong LAI’s Medicine distributed masks for free to 2,000 elderly people with elderly certificates. The activity scene response is enthusiastic, the public have praised this public welfare activities of LAI’s Medicine in the special period.





No one queued all night and no one waited more than ten minutes. Everything was in order.




For this, thanks to everyone who gave in the activity! Thank colleagues of LAI’s Medicine for your hard work in this activity! Thank the community volunteers for their company and assistance in the storm!



Not only that, VX Entertainment's LAI’s Medicine in Hong Kong, has donated 2,000 goggles and 150 boxes (7,500) of masks to hospital staff who is struggling on the frontline. At the same time, donated his own product, " Allergic Rhinitis Nose Drops " (200 pieces), to frontline staff in hospitals, because it can enhance the immune function of the nasal cavity and provide another layer of protection for the safety of frontline workers.



Hand in hand looking forward to spring


The Beijing branch of VX Entertainment is a "people-oriented" team, and the team is also full of public-spirited colleagues, who provide masks and isolated accommodation tents for the community during special periods. During the Spring Festival travel rush, the company distributes masks and hand lotion for employees to protect their own safety. In the near future, free masks will be provided to special service locations in need of masks to provide a safety guarantee for selfless service providers on the frontline.



Across the strait cities, in this winter with love we warm each other, Come on Hong Kong! Come on Wuhan!

In times of danger, great love is boundless!

Come on China!



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