Epidemic Situation || Together, we are acting

2020-02-20 17:03

Epidemic Situation||Together, we are acting

February 19, 2020, Rain Water.

Good rain knows the season when spring comes.

The wind sneaked into the night, moistening things silently.


- Together, we are acting -

It is the second week that the enterprises are gradually returning to work, and the weather in February is getting better and the mood is improving.


Spring appears gradually, gentle is not only the sun, and also the insignificant matters in hand, will bring warmth to heart inadvertently.



Four members of the VX Entertainment team took supplies to the streets of the three districts.



Four team colleagues, on behalf of VX, donated masks for free to special service locations in need of masks, hoping to do their bit to provide a safety guarantee for the selfless service providers on the frontline.





The Beijing branch of VX Entertainment group donated 1,200 masks. Including:
Chaoyang district:

100 masks for Baiziwan Police Station, 100 masks for the Baiziwan Joint Defense Office;

Haidian district:

550 masks and 15 raincoats for Haidian district balizhuang street north linglongxiang community neighborhood committee, Enjizhuang police station 100 masks;

Xicheng district:

200 masks and 1 protective cap at the Niu Street Home for the Elderly; 50 masks at the Niu Street Mosque; and 100 masks at the Yuetan Police Station.








Baiziwan Police Station



Baiziwan Joint Defense Office



Haidian district balizhuang street north linglongxiang community neighborhood committee


Enji zhuang police station


Niujie nursing home



Niu street mosque



Yuetan police station————


For this, thanks our colleagues who work in the public welfare activities! Your dedication and assistance are admirable!




VX team hopes the public welfare, is a positive energy; Advocated love, is a gppd that can be done.




In complex times and complex situations, protectors need more protection, and those on the front lines need our help.



The more critical the moment, the more unity. We can overcome the difficulties only if we unite as one! VX Entertainment for China!



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Email address: info@vxentertainment.com


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