VX Entertainment tells you that every technology has its secrets, and AR facilitates life

2020-03-17 10:38

It was previously suggested that 2020would be ayear of transformation for commercial AR and VRtechnologies. The transformation is unknown, but recently, AR has been playing an important role in people's vision. Whether it's public safety, education, or game entertainment and interactive marketing, you can always seeAR,especially safety and education, it provides great convenience security protection in crowded locations.


The "remote mode" became a necessary requirement.


Recently, Zhongguancun Software Park enabled AR (augmented reality) glasses for screening vehicles, high-tech to assistthe resumption of production and epidemic prevention and control, import and exportsecurity personnel wearing AR glasses staring at a vehicle that ready to enterthe park, heard the glasses issued "pass" instructions,then without checking whetherthe car number belongs to an internal vehicle on any device, give a nod as a signal to enter. During the morning rush hour,the number of park vehicles entering and exiting the park managed by AR glasses detection can exceed one thousand in an hour, solving the prevention and control problems of large traffic vehicle troubleshooting.


The wave of re-work has begun, and the contactless AR glasses temperature measurement programme in Shanghai has been piloted. One of the first contactless AR glasses temperature measurement pilotunits, Shanghai Hongkou District,1929 Park hasmore than 40 enterprises, more than 600 employees, people returned to work brought a sharp increase in personnel control pressure. At the entranceto the park,staff wearing AR glasses todirectly "sweep" the temperature of passing staff at 3meters away using AR glasses, triggering an alarm directly if it exceeds37.3degrees.


Not only that, AReducation and teaching may also become a reality, the real scene to maximize the restoration, no longer limited by the experimental site, instruments, equipment, materials, in the virtual environment to allow students to participate in the experiment, interactive operation, students can also repeated lying experimental exercises, each experiment is thoroughly digested and absorbed, learning effect doubled.




In spring and summer the most sad is to go out shopping but not, in order to let you buy, whether it is large shopping APP JD or brands like NIKE, Armani have launched their own AR shopping methods, whether it is "Nike fit" or "AR test makeup", are designed to provide consumers with a more personalized, social new consumer experience.



With the development of 5G,customers' shopping methods are becoming more and more towards smart products, and "social shopping" will become the future of e-commerce model.




AR, as a comprehensive technology set, has a variety of multi-form experience forms and modes of application. It’s natural way of interaction, online and offline fusion, whether it is B2B or,B2C can derive a wealth of play and business models, resulting in a disruptive scene experience.


original article in Chinese: https://tech.china.com/article/20200306/032020_475812.html 



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