5G remote holographic live interaction will break the traditional mode of interaction

2020-03-17 10:45

The development of science and technology is changing with each passing day, from daily life to security protection, and intelligence provides great convenience for life.

5G remote holographic live broadcast is a cold topic, only in recent years has been really excavated, about its technical interpretation and display form is still not quite understood by many people:holographic live broadcast is composed of holographic stage and live greenroom ofthe new live interactive. Combiningholographicprojectiontechnology on ahigh-speed, and low-latency5G networkthat projects characters on stagein a combination of virtual and realisticsituations, interacts with live guests in real time andis futuristic. The interactive experience thatmakesa great impression.



The combination of 5G and holographic projection is arguably complementary andoffers innovation opportunities for many potential industries,such as education.

In the traditional classroom, the teacher speaks, the students listen, the teacher gives the demonstration, the students observe, the one-way information transmission turns the learning into a passive process. Well,how to allow students to cut into the knowledge of textbooks, to visualize abstract knowledge is also the concerned topic of teachers.


Many schools have recently started online live teaching, and we know the power of the internet to ensure personal safety and also teach necessary knowledge to students, teaching through lively activities makes information transfer interesting. Inrecent years, the development of virtual reality is expected to break the space-time limit, derive a rich and diverse range of educational applications, to help students improve learningefficiency.




When science and technology come into basic education, holographic classroomwill also break thetraditional educational cognition,technology will restore the abstract and difficult experimental content in the face of students, through the visual interactive design to allow students to deepen their understanding of knowledge points, can be broadcast remotely in the form of explanation is very novel, not only in entertainment to improve learning enthusiasm to arouse students' concentration, with the help of high-tech to show the boring knowledge and concepts in front of the eyes, will help to understand the previous difficult knowledge points.



VX Entertainment's holographic and mixed reality technology presented for enterprise events has appeared more than once in major media and television videos, and the field of mixed reality is highly developed, such as holographic projection or real-timeimage transmission canbe achieved in real-time remote real-time interactionthrough 5Ghigh-speed network, and distance learning in 5Gnetworks can also improve learning effect.




The rapid development of science and technology, each product perfection is relatively higher and higher, with 5Gcoverage is gradually strengthened, the cooperation with technology is an indispensable choice for the future enterprises.


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