Projection Sand Table is widely used, and 5G interactive projection catches your eyes

2020-03-18 15:55

The emergence of 5G makes it easier to leverage visual communication for performance in product presentation and brand communication.


Whether it is virtual reality, projection mapping or holographic projection and other immersive experience, multimedia projection applications are more and more, a variety of technologies can be applied to the industry is becoming more and more extensive. Looking back at the changes in the market in the past year or two, we can find that many industries have applied projection, the application has not been limited to visual display, such as projection wedding, projection stage performance, immersive exhibition display, "super-real", "virtual" "immersion" once became the modern "internet popular" "hot" topic.


The advanced projection technology to achieve immersive stereoscopic imaging will not be confined to the environment, and the new way of experiencing undoubtedly brings a lot of curiosity to people.


As an interactive projection, the use range of projection sand table is very wide, in the application process can show a wealth of environmental content, the visual effect is very intuitive and clear, absolutely can achieve the effect of high definition. If the scene with the projection screen synchronous display, you can clearly understand the building facilities and the surrounding layout, intuitively know the content of the sand table display. Projection sand table makes full use of the limited space, whether from any angle can achieve a very good display effect.



Sand table projection, as a kind of simulation cognitive way which can be experienced differently in work and life, has been popularized by various industries. Technology such as MR, VR, AR,which has been on the lips in recent years is now being used in the war "epidemic", and the fantastic technology that was once seen in Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters is now being able topopularize the VRLeisure Experience Center everywhere; More about the technology can also be found at VX Entertainment's Beijing technology exhibition hall.


The advent of 5G, brings opportunity, bring business opportunities, at the same time brings development and competition, all walks of life in the development will jump out of the old dull sales practices. Every enterprise is constantly doing analytical problems, constantly listening to the audience, thinking, from the needs of the audience, analysis of the audience's dissatisfaction, answer the innumerable experience questions that appear in the middle progress, thinking about how to integrate cutting-edge technology development, create better results, until the experience satisfaction.


The demand of science and technology in the market is becoming more and more hot, cross-line cooperation is more and more extensive, modern digital concept has been gradually formed, the future will also be the future of intelligent technology, the times in the development, every enterprise is progressing.


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