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2020-03-18 16:11

Sustainable development has been continuous, in the protection of the old tradition is not destroyed under the premise, in the form of high-tech to enhance the aesthetic essence of culture, the transmission of cultural spirit, carry forward cultural values has become the focus of the use of science and technology in the literary travel industry in the past two years, and the protection of the integrity of the building andthe exploration of new forms of display has become a headache for many enterprises.


In the science and technology blockbuster, the holographic technology we have "chased" is still progressing, the emergence of 5G innovative technical expression, a variety of technologies combined with creative experiments have been successful, has been applied to the real estate industry, in addition tothe building mapping projection, projection sand table can also become one of the way of building display.




Take the real estate industry as an example, visitors would like to know is the regional location of the property, supporting facilities, living environment, as well as the design of the household type, because the projection sand table can show a wealth of environmental content, and the visual effects presented are very intuitive and clear, in the field with the projection screen synchronous display, you can clearly understand the building facilities and the surrounding environment layout, intuitive lying about the content of the sand table display. The sales office to changethe old sand table model with the laser pointer, manual interpretation of the way, so that the use of projection sand table to carry out the real effect display, for the user to visually simulate the future living environment, the real living state presented to visitors.


The architectural appearance in the sand table through computer technology to make a visual model, the use of several projectors to project it on the sand table model, improved the traditional solid sand table which can’t achieve dynamic effect and time dimension, so that the viewer through the vivid, image of the sand table projection to understand and know the model sand table display of the floor content.


Multimedia projection sand table combined the projection and solid sand table, supplemented by sound and light control equipment, can put a building environment in full display - from the traffic road to the flowing river, from day and night replacement to the change of the four seasons, calmly interpret the dynamics and changes of the object struck, so that the experiencer more intuitive understanding of all aspects of the construction environment.


Immersive projection sand table is different from the traditional one, it is a projection as a projection system as a new way ,increasesthe overall sense of space,in terms of display to achieve a brilliant visual effect,so that visitors have an immersive sense of personal experience . The whole system contains a wealth of information, far beyond the physical sand table can display the information, if used inthe cultural travel industry, the displaywill not cause building damage by the lighting shooting.




Interactive projection sand table can not only have the embodiment of the physical sand tablevisual image,but also with video, interpretation, pictures, interactive system and other elements to comprehensively display the property, for a sand table a screenor multi-screenimitation of the realisticprojection display, so that viewers can watchthe building according to their own needs of targeted understanding, do not need a dedicated personnel to a targeted interpretation, during experience can be independent understanding, improve the speed of behavior learning.




VX Entertainment, as a multimedia creative content customization company, in the industry  integrated projection mapping, sand table projection, body-feltinteraction and othernew technologies, service to meet customer's customized needs, in the overall design to meet customer needs, in every detail, so that the content becomes more complete, presented to reach 1+1>2 of the art and technology display, bring perfect experience to consumers and those who need it.


Original article in Chinese: https://tech.china.com/article/20200316/032020_481119.html



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