VX Entertainment Recommend News in Spring: AR Reading Can Make Learning Less Boring

2020-03-27 13:41

Days at home are very boring, we not only learned cold noodle, fried dough twist, but also closely follow the trend of hot spots.


When DingTalk is no longer the only one for office workers, we know this year 2020 is not normal, and all kinds of trending technology has come into view.


From the webcast teaching of schools, "there are policies, there are countermeasures" - network class small video gathered in Tik Tok, AAuto, Little Red Book and other APP, although it is boring learning but brought a little fun, at home "three points line - living room, bedroom, bathroom" is also making people miss the day of school in the classroom.


The role of the Internet in the 21st century is growing, with the development of social science and technology, education is also beginning to embark on the path of intelligence, AR in this year is undoubtedly hot, AR reading also came to the curtain. Reading is an innovative process that goes through from plane to stereoscopic, from point reading to visual reading, and represents the emergence of demand, no matter what kind of reading experience. Compared with traditional reading, the biggest feature of AR reading is that the content of the article in AR glasses or hand cameras, tablets and other devices to overlay the content to any real environment, so that readers immediately "appreciate" the book's " landscape";With the help of intelligent terminal devices, the static pictures are extended to multi-party experience, and the "interaction" with virtual images is realized. The immersive sensory experience of the whole scene is like being in a LIVE SHOW. To some extent, AR breaks the basic perception of reading and opens up the experience of new reading in technology.


Society is undoubtedly progressive, and the future of intelligent learning is much more than that.


How to let students active learning is a headache for parents, learning to be distracted and reading is not serious is the normal situation of many students in learning; How to arouse students' interest in reading is a difficult problem for teachers, and whether to bring interactive experience into the classroom and cause students' learning fun has become one of the directions of the school's discussion. "AR" for the classic reading opened a new window, so that the classic article immediately lively, sound and colorful, reading is no longer so dull, bring happiness and enjoyment.


In the future AR education and teaching may also become a reality, to maximize the restoration of the real scene, no longer limited to the experimental site, instruments, equipment, materials, in the virtual environment to allow students to participate in the experiment, interactive operation, students can also repeated lying experiments, each experiment is thoroughly digested and absorbed, learning effect doubled. The future makes reading no longer boring, mobile phones can not only be used to play games, will also be the reader's wisdom of learning partners.


Original article in Chinese: https://tech.china.com/article/20200323/032020_485405.html




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