VX Entertainment's body-felt interaction for an entertaining immersion experience

2020-03-27 13:45

Smart glasses, immersive devices, motion sensing game in recent days is more and more on people's search terms, people who stay at home will always look for some interesting things, you will find thatthe existence of XboxGames is more and more extensive, and the same unequipped entertainment mode has attracted people’s attention to the body interaction products.


Unlike the way of the product touch interacts, it is also different from the game console or controller that still needs the device to assist, is the interaction of the device that does not need to be worn, the use of infrared camera to capture the human body motion signal, through the algorithm to identify the human body's movements.


Body-felt interactive game has a lotof body-sensing skiing,body-sensitive shooting,body-sensitive cutting fruitand so on, take the juvenile’s dance machine, as long as standing within a certain distance, with the screen drop slot music button dancers wave the corresponding direction arm, through hand induction can complete the key stroke, directly through gestures, body movements to let the dance machine receive your instructions.


The physical interaction display is novel, with strong entertainment, can make the experiencer in the virtual reality environment, and the operation of the air gesture is simple, simple infrared detection can also sense the body contourin in the big screen to produce transformation, suitable for use in exhibition halls, campus science and education, hospital medical, corporate exhibition hall, entertainment venues, etc., also often appear in people's lives.


In the 2019 graduation design exhibition of The Central Academy of Fine Arts, the wall body interaction as a combination of art and technology has undoubtedly become the most attractive eyeball outside of universal calligraphy and painting design, or Sanlitun Pandora LOVE MAY "love because of you " love hall, walked into the entrance of the exhibition area two walls of countless bar LED and PANDORA has always loved the soft pink contrast, Clapping at the wall will appear "love heart rhythm" with the claper's voice size and speed, rhythm or high or low, or fast or slow, unique design of voice-activated interaction to bring visitors a different visual impact.


As the host of dreams, the incubator of innovation, Daimler always brings one technological innovation experience after another, VX Entertainment has worked with Daimler for many years, in 2019 to provide equipment and build a star-body interactive wall, through the equipment using body movements, gestures, voice and other real-life knowledge and skillsto interact with people and products, technology can distinguish between different objects, technology can be different, Identify different human behavior, every move, walk and stop make people seem to stand in the vast starry sky.


As a cutting-edge technology, because of the strong interactive and driving effect, body-felt interaction in many immersive experience environment provides users with a very immersive interaction environment, natural body interaction weakens people's dependence on the mouse and keyboard, reduces the complexity of manipulation, users are more focused on the semantics of the actions and the content of the interactions.


Original article in Chinese: https://tech.china.com/article/20200323/032020_485408.html



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