Virtual creative presentation of road safety knowledge, the convoy for children travel

2019-01-09 14:35

VX Entertainment is committed to creating live-action immersive experiences that blend the virtual world with the real world to create more impossibilities for the future.


VX Entertainment is the world's first to concentrate VR, AR, mapping, holographic projection and other cutting-edge technology into one exhibition hall in-house, make every effort to build the unique creative content for customers, VX Entertainment is a science and technology enterprise based on content creation and production operation, the team consists of industry higher-ups from the United States, China, China Hong Kong, Britain in various fields, who have a rich experience in cooperation with world famous brands, to provide the international first-class customized creative content from the customers in different fields. VX Entertainment enjoys and appreciates the cool experience brought by the new technology, and also looks forward to creating new sparks and challenges with innovative ideas.


In China with rapid development of science and technology, VX Entertainment and Jaguar Land Rover have been paying attention to children's travel safety and other issues. In Beijing, VX Entertainment and Jaguar Land Rover have jointly built the first "Jaguar companion safety road" -Jaguar Land Rover road safety guard experience zone. The experience area is the the first large-scale children's road safety education fixed venues jointly built by Jaguar Land Rover (China) together with the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, VX Entertainment takes "technology highest" as the design concept, applies AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), body feeling experience, mapping projection, radar and laser capture technology on the boring traffic safety knowledge structure, builds a smart travel experience full of child interest, with new interactive technologies as the leading for 3-8 years old children, enhances the traffic safety consciousness for them, and practice social responsibility with the power of interactive technology.



VX entertainment has carefully set up four experience zones featuring "little engineer", "little safety guard", "future dreamer" and "super lab", with 23 professional interactive experience facilities, covering all road traffic safety knowledge points. In order to ensure the effect of learning and experience, VX Entertainment's experience zone for road safety guards is also equipped with professional full-time experience tutors, providing scientific project operation guidance for children and creating a multi-dimensional one-stop learning and experience environment.



There is an interactive area for children on site. The children will draw the vehicle they dreamed by hand, and then print it into environmental canvas bags for visitors a souvenir. VX Entertainment hopes to make visitors feel the world view and innocence of children and pass on their dreams in this way.

VX Entertainment will continue to deepen and extend the customization of interactive creative content services with the help of superior enterprise resources. While serving corporate customers, shoulder social responsibility and realize social value.                   


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