VX Entertainment Creates Hologram Live Streaming Show to Bring New Experience for Readers in 5G Era

2019-08-25 01:50

From 21th August to 25th August, the 26th BIBF, also known as Beijing International Book Fair, and the 17th Beijing International Book Carnival had been held simultaneously in China International Exhibition Center in Shunyi District.



The Beijing International Book Fair was sponsored by General Administration of Press and Publication of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology, The people's Government of Beijing City, The Publishers Association of China and China Writers Association, and the 2019 Beijing International Book Carnival was sponsored by the Publicity Department of Beijing Committee of the Communist Party of China, and undertaken by China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Corporation. Together with VX Entertainment, BIBF created for readers and global visitors an amazing reading feast with the support of 5G technology.


95 countries and regions attended this fair, up by 2 more than last year. The number of global exhibitors continues to rise to over 1600, up to 61.5%, which steadily growing body of global brands. Besides, there were more highlight points compared with previous years, like the most talked-about 5G hologram stage and other display technologies under 5G.


The 5G hologram stage jointly built by VX Entertainment and China Unicom was placed in G01 Zone in W2 Area, which combined book exhibition, AI, actual reading and IP to exploit multiple opportunities and boost cooperation in diversified fields and content development.


VX Entertainment brought hologram, MR, live streaming hologram together in this Book Fair, with amazing content for the stage customized for the sponsor from preliminary works to content design, thus to provide first-class services for the clients.



Being the largest cultural activity of this year, the 26th Beijing International Book Fair had attracted not just well-known artists, writers and experts from various fields, but also journalists and correspondents from Hunan TV, leaders from Sanxia and many book lovers. Also, VX Entertainment and the sponsors “invited”some big icons, Ruan Yue, a lute artist, Liu Zhenyun and Jiang Nan, prestigious writers, and Wang Kai and Zhou Xiaolin, drama artists from National Centre for the Performing Arts of China through the use of live hologram streaming, to blend together high techs and cultural exchange.



At 3:00 pm of that day in the meeting room, major creators of the drama, Someone To Talk To, including the writer, Liu Zhenyun, scriptwriter, direct and producer of the show, gathered to exchange their ideas and opinions about the creation of a book. The meeting involves 5G hologram technology to display the figure of Liu, through which the present guests could talk and interact with the virtual figure. Beside that, Wang Yaping, Chinese female astronaut, was invited here in person to have a meaningful exchange with Liu about the ties between literature and space.


The interaction between fiction and reality generates special experience. Through the use of live streaming hologram, we are able to create for the audiences a brand-new visual dimension that break the rule of traditional visual and audio experience. Since 5G technology can help achieve low-latency and high-definition image transition, Chinese writers will be allowed to meet and interact seamlessly with their fans through this manner, and also spread the beauty of Chinese culture to whole world.


Foreign Visitors amazed at the hologram performance.


VX Entertainment team member explains the work and use of hologram technology to foreign comers.



Integrating global resources, VX Entertainment and its renowned global team create the most pioneering designs and concepts. And following the trend of new media arts, techs and cultures, and based on the real need of our clients, we keep on exploiting what digital content can further do for our clients, and thus boost their brand value and business power to the utmost.


In this project VX Entertainment world-class production team, hand in hand with China Unicom and BIBF, created the most-of-the-time creative ideas while following the most cutting-edge technology and most advanced cultural and art trend. VX entertainment, the creator of fresh ideas and extraordinary experiences, creates eye-catching contents to present a perfect immersive interaction experience, and is dedicated to blending the magical world of Hollywood into the real life, and putting those influential ideas into reality.




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