VX Entertainment takes you checking in Daimler!

2019-12-06 16:27

From Daimler VR China Life Experience Installation to this year's Daimler showroom interactive motion capture device, VX Entertainment has always been a good partner for Daimler.



Daimler is well-known for its cars, and in addition to Daimler's Startup Autobahn, which helps entrepreneurs grow up, VX Entertainment and Daimler got involved in 2018. In 2016, Daimler officially launched the Daimler 100-day Accelerated Camp Program, an open industry innovation platform, in an attempt to reach more young and outstanding start-up companies and innovative thinking through this platform. So far, more than 30 start-up companies have entered the acceleration camp and achieved good results during the camp. Daimler promoted 36 solutions from concept to pilot projects and landing products, and some of the results have been applied to the core business.


Recently, Daimler ’s new training center has attracted everyone ’s attention. The training center is full of sense of technology and interaction. It seems to have a full sense of ceremony, and the interactive projection area makes you feel "cool" at first glance!


The real sense interactive device at the entrance is produced by VX Entertainment and is a cool and popular interactive experience.



So, what is real sense interaction?


The real sense interaction is to control the system directly through the actions of arms, without using any complicated control equipment, and can integrate sports and entertainment into life.


Real sense interaction technology is not limited to body language, and sound can also be manipulated. A revolutionary point is that real sense technology allows people to naturally interact with the surrounding devices or environment, and the immersive experience is more advantageous than wearing a device and interacting with the touch of a button. For example, we are familiar with: interactive skiing, interactive shooting, interactive fruit cutting, etc., which are real sense interactive games.


Daimler, as the bearer of dreams, an innovation incubator, brings you another display of technology and creativity. The starry sky interactive wall of the training center in 2019, uses equipment to interact with people and products using real-life knowledge and skills already available in real life. Technology can distinguish different objects, identify different human behaviors, and make every person seem to be in the starry sky.



The interactive technology displays novel, highly interactive and entertaining performance. The device uses body recognition and gesture recognition technology. The use of human body language for motion control is achieved, and traditional auxiliary equipment is eliminated. And the operation method of the gesture is simple, and the simple infrared detection can also sense the body contour to change on the projection screen.


The environment allows the audience to have an immersive feeling, suitable for a wide range of applications, not only in the entertainment industry, but now also used in exhibition halls, campus science and education, hospital medical, corporate exhibition halls and other places.


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