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Adrian Tai Yuen Lai

He is experienced in variosu fields including automobile, engineering and traditional Chinese medicine in which he served as Operations Director in its Asian operation area.
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Adrian Lai
Chief Operating Officer (COO)


He is from Hong Kong, China, experienced in various fields including entertainment, automobile, engineering and traditional Chinese medicine in which he served as Operations Director in Asian area, his multi-industry experience in creation and production makes him have a more diversified understanding to the projects. In 2013, he completed his studies in the department of mechanical engineering of Auckland university and joined Huge Grand Limited as the operation manager, later he served as the operation manager and project supervisor of Lais Medicine in Hong Kong, usually as the project leader and plays a crucial role in project promotion. As operation director for projects in Greater China and the Asia Pacific region, he has accumulated an impressive client list over the past decade.


Before VX Entertainment, he has more than 8 years of working experiences in production and operation, including branding campaigns and other activities in Asia, due to the early accumulation, Adrian has a keen sense of real-time insight and responsive technology, not only has a unique opinion in the field of mass media, he also perfected the integration of cross-border resources in the project. He served as project manager, director of operations and project leader at VX Entertainment, and became the chief operating officer (COO) of VX in 2019. He breaks the subtle limitation between what he does best in content operation and technology, creates the special visual elements based on the technology, because of the unique vision and accumulated ability from the projects, he lead the project team to make a stable cooperation with Olympics, Vanke, BMW, Benz, Microsoft, Land Rover, Daimler etc., in the one-stop service to achieve customer satisfaction with 5 star, in every project successfully made full use of the customized features of VX Entertainment.


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